Dear Voter,

I am asking for your support for my re-election to the Bellingham City Council. Together, we have fought and won important victories.

I have a strong record of public engagement and hard work, and I am proud of my record and the progressive record of the City Council as a whole.

This is a critical time to renew our faith in democracy, with an incompetent and unethical president disgracing the White House. I believe in self-government and I will champion our progressive values of equity, inclusion, and environmental stewardship.

I believe in inclusion and equity. That means I spend countless hours attending gatherings, neighborhood meetings, and reaching out and listening to all voices. It also means that I work to make every neighborhood a good place to live, with bike paths and safe sidewalks for every child. I have fought to make sure our public spending on parks and trails benefits all parts of our community, particularly denser and lower-income areas.

I believe in inclusion and equity. That means working to make every neighborhood a good place to live with bike paths, parks and trails to benefit all parts of our community, particular denser and lower-income areas.”

I believe that safety and justice go hand-in-hand. That means every person must be respected and protected, regardless of documentation or ethnic background. Everyone should feel safe to call 9-1-1 for help. That is why I voted to officially prohibit our police from any involvement in civil immigration enforcement actions or inquiries.

I want a livable and living world for our children. That means I support moving to clean energy, leaving fossil fuels behind. I voted to increase our green power commitments, and worked to close down coal-fired plants supplying electricity to Bellingham. I voted to increase funding for Lake Whatcom, and to emphasize restoration rather than prevention only. I have also pushed for a lake restoration schedule that moves faster than the maximum allowed 50-year period.

I believe in affordable housing. That means I support the “housing first” model to offer support and re-integration of people experiencing homelessness. I campaigned for the city’s housing levy, and gratefully voted to support new affordable housing projects in Bellingham–including new housing for seniors, for teens and young adults, for survivors of domestic violence, for women with children, and for low-income farm workers. I also worked to change a state law, to enable cities like Bellingham to waive building fees for qualified low income housing projects.

I believe in building a better future. I ask for your vote to continue that work.

Michael Lilliquist